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Library muncipal

The library opened its doors on 6 April after three weeks of closure. This time there has allowed a reorganization of the library with the assistance and support of the médiathèque départementale de Thuir.

Approximately 400 works mainly from a permanent loan from the departmental library. Most of these titles will be renewed regularly to better elicit the desire and the pleasure of entering the book every two months, an exhibition accompanied by a hundred of works will be present to embark a sharing a theme autour reading drives.

Animations, books-headlights, will be announced in the site of the town-hall of Baillestavy, under the heading 'library '.

If as a first step, we placed emphasis on children's literature, it is because "a good children's book is a good book for everyone".

The reception is ensured Wednesday and Saturday from 10 h to 12 h and from 15 h 17 h.

Two posts of internet consultation are made available to users free of charge to the opening hours of the library.

The annual fee (from date to date) is fixed at € 5 per household for Baillestavy citizens, and €10 for players not residing in the municipality.

We invite you to join early adopters for a bookish adventure.

Library volunteers

Mairie de Baillestavy - Place Nova - 66320 Baillestavy - T.: 04 68 05 92 96 - F.: 04 68 05 97 30 - M.: